In order to comply with the requirements of the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1987, 40 CFR Part 763 - Asbestos Containing Materials in Schools, Faith Christian School has been inspected and an asbestos Management Plan was developed outlining sampling analyses and response actions if necessary. The Management Plan is available for viewing in the School Office from Crystal Delso.

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We pride ourselves on the Christian principles, advanced education and loving environment we offer. Faith Christian is a wonderful place to begin the schooling experience and structured environment. I encourage you to come join our Faith Family and see what magnificent work God can do!

Faith Early Learning Center

Infants (6 weeks-12 months)

We believe learning begins in infancy.  That is why we provide a loving atmosphere for our babies.  Caregivers respond sensitively and consistently to these little one’s constantly changing needs.  Infants are encouraged to explore the world around them with their senses, developing trust and security in the people around them.  We place a strong emphasis on developing a positive self concept and enjoying those loving moments where we can just cuddle.

Toddlers (approx 12 months-18 months)

As infants are ready, they move up to the toddler or two year old program where they enjoy art, music, movement, outside play, building blocks, sensory table and other motor-skill building activities.  Toddlers are also entering a new phase of mental activity.  They are given opportunities to express their imagination and creativity through numerous activities from dress-up to fine-motor activities.  Adults help toddlers handle their intense feelings by learning to use words to express themselves, while providing a safe supportive environment for their emotional and social development.

Transitional Two’s (approx 18 months-28 months)

This is a very busy room for sure! There are many different learning opportunities throughout the day. We promote learning through play, crafts and story times. We believe that the teachers play a huge part in teaching fundamentals such as sharing, communication and helping the children integrate into interactive play with their classmates, so our teachers spend a lot of time playing on the floor with the kids. The cognitive learning at this age is absolutely phenomenal and we do our best to challenge and promote this window of opportunity. Potty Learning is also introduced in this group as the child becomes curious and ready to learn in a stress free environment.

Faith Christian School

Two’s (28-36 months) / Transistional Three’s / Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 (advanced Preschool)

All of these classes strive to educate the whole child using principles of the Bible as our foundation utilizing group activities, learning centers, classroom experiences, as well as play centers.  We promote the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and the spiritual development in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. Our staff will strive to help each child have a feeling of self-worth through attitude, words, and deeds, agreeing that it is our responsibility and desire to be a reflection of God’s love to each child and his/her family. Each room is designed to be age-appropriate according to the needs of each child.

Morning Activities including group time for sharing experiences and learning through individual and small group activities.  These include: Bible learning time, group circle time, creative art experiences, independent work time in learning centers, stories, songs, finger plays, and outdoor activities.

Afternoon Activities follow lunch and rest period.  Children then enjoy outside play, games, stories and social interaction.

Before and After School Care (Kindergarten – 5th Grade)

We offer this service to any of our Glenpool Public School students. Parents may take advantage of the combination package or split it into separate services. This also allows the student to have VIP enrollment for days the school is not in session. During the summer we have plenty of field trips, games and fun activities to keep these kiddos busy!

Contact Info & Hours of Operation

Crystal Delso
Director of Faith Christian School
Telephone: 918-321-2726

Monday – Friday
7:00 a – 6:00 p
Full Time / Part Time M/W/F and T/TH